Schedule of fees for Suppliers and Contractors

Self Maintenance of Qualification File: FREE
This requires the supplier to maintain their files without significant intervention of V-Purchaising.com or the owner.

Suppliers falling into Delinquent Status: $50
If the supplier has been requested to complete a questionnaire and qualify to work for a company, but does not do so in a timely manor this fee may be imposed. V-Purchasing.com will attempt to contact you 3 times regarding qualification. If after 3 contacts your file has not been updated, you will fall into a delinquent status. We will no longer attempt to contact you in person and will notify the Owner(s) of the delinquent situation. To be removed from delinquent status a $50 processing fee will apply.

Suppliers failing a Safety Performance audit: $50
If the supplier submits their OSHA and EMR information for the prior 3 years and is audited by V-Purchasing.com and fails they will be charged a re-submission fee of $50. You will fail an audit if you do not provide proof of your EMR and copies of your OSHA 300 and OSHA 300A logs. You will fail an audit if the information on the proof you submit does not match the information you report in our database. You will fail an audit if the information you submit is not consistent with itself.

Data Entry: $100
If the supplier or contractor does not have the means or the personnel necessary to complete the questionnaire online we are happy to provide a staff member to do so for them.

It is our intention to keep this as a free service to suppliers and contractors. In order to stay in a "free" status we need the suppliers and contractors to cooperate with the self service process. This means they must provide all requested data in a timely fashion. They must provide accurate data and complete data. Whenever V-Purchasing.com must spend additional time calling for data which should have been submitted, requesting new information where errors exit, or being bounced around from person to person because no one in the organization knows who should be completing the questionnaire, the cost of service goes up. Instead of passing this additional cost back to the owner we now are imposing it upon those who cause it.

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